Privacy Policy

Dhillon-Marty, Sonia; Japan Inc. – Thrust of our business is direct sales to the private customers. We are honored by the trust you instill in us to protect your information that you provided us. We take utmost care to nurture this trust.

  1. Any information obtained from the customers is solely used for internal company purposes.
  2. We do not sell, share, rent or otherwise provide outsiders with any information provided to us except where necessary to execute our business such as delivering the good, collection payments or conducting company organized promotion and marketing activities etc.
  3. Periodically you may receive news letters, new product and/or new services information and the like
    1. If you wish to opt out of receiving such information please contact
    2. If you wish to receive such information please contact           
  4. We collect data concerning gift recipients in order to deliver the gifts. We do not contact the recipients for sales or marketing purposes.
  5. If you wish to review and/or correct your personal data stored by us please contact
  6. To browse our site a cookie needs to be enabled. The information received on the cookie is part of our operational procedure and is only accessible to ourselves. As stated previously, such information is not sold, shared or provided to outsiders.

Should you have any question please contact




Dhillon-Marty, Sonia; Japan Inc-  ビジネス上の信頼が、弊社の直接の売り上げにつながると考えております。お客様から得た信頼を光栄に思います。弊社がお客様から得た個人情報は最大の注意をはらい厳重に管理いたします。









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