Dhillon Marty Foundation


For a World Citizenship

“Seeding socially and economically sustainable world”

Our Vision

Dhillon Marty Foundation is a witness of global socio-economic and environmental changes and behaves as a dynamic actor in the World’s social affairs. Our vision is the peaceful coexistence of interconnected sustainable societies. Sowing the seeds for future societies, we promote Global Citizenship and democratic values.

Advances in technologies are facilitating rapid transfer of thought, people and goods across the globe. This exponential globalization of our world while bringing economic wellbeing is also creating new challenges of spreading disruptive thoughts and attitudes. Therefore, there is a call for a collective responsibility towards the Tomorrow’s Citizens. This responsibility lies to the utmost with those who actively develop and accelerate the globalization process as they are the key players in formulating the global discourse and tipping the balance in favor of the humanity.

DMF is convinced that the reconciliation between globalization and traditional structures, individuals and societies, intercultural exchange of knowledge and skills are the most efficient long-term answer to the 21st Century Global Challenge to combat and prevent extremism, discrimination and inequality. To further our directives, we seed Global Citizens’ actions through public intercultural dialogueadvocacy awareness campaigns and innovative research.

Our Mission

DMF centers its actions to create a Global discourse that promotes humankind’s common values in respect of diversities for a sustainable world by creating a Citoyen du Monde dynamic platform. This platform has three main axes:

  1. The Education of the citizens of this ever shrinking world in order to develop a Global Citizenship Network. It includes the following activities:
  •    Conference ‘State of Community’ in collaboration with UNESCO. Youth from universities and schools from around the world take part in workshops, competitions, exhibitions and symposiums around a theme associated to the pressing needs of the host country. To carry a Global discourse throughout the year, we are inviting a jury panel of 15 or so world celebrities to select the “Phrase of the Year” from a list prepared by the DMF’s curatorial team and which reflects the ongoing societal issues. The phrase empowers the Global Citizen discourse for a sustainable and harmonious world.  (UNESCO HQs in Paris, 21-22 November 2016)
  •    Creation and Inauguration of the ‘5 Rivers of Equality’ sculpture that represents the World like the five rings of the Olympics. The “Phrase of the Year” will be projected on the sculpture symbolizing the Global Citizen Profile. It will gradually illuminate as it builds tracking on social media channels. (Lyon, France)
  •    School visits objective is to weave a thread through (and bridge the potential gap between) our diverse identities in order to fight dogmatism. Through specifically designed games, workshops, short videos, we stimulate youth’s critical thinking on complex global issues and the layers of individual identities that make us the citizen of a community, a nation and the world. (France, Japan)
  1. The Awareness ‘Free to Be’ campaign fosters the expression and action of Global citizens on contemporary issues (extremism, discrimination, sustainability of societies…) with:
  •    Street campaigns to promote equality and the end of stereotypes and unjust social roles.
  •    Social Media campaigns with online boards “Wall of Declaration” and online forums of discussions.
  1. The Research is conducted to propose a multi-faceted portrait of the Global Citizen based on the benchmark of best practices of the Citizens of world’s communities and nations.
  •    Interviews with Ambassadors, will be solicited to give the unique characteristics of their own nations. The information would be processed and compared to existing quantifiable data on economic prosperity and social freedom to draw out a recommended profile of a Global Citizen (Tokyo, Japan)
  •       Community Dialogue at The University of Tokyo hosts monthly speeches and debates (academics, researchers, leaders…) on Global Citizenship (Tokyo, Japan)

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