Business Activities

Dhillon Marty Inc., develops and manages internationally deliverable state of the art solutions by building alliances between national and local governments, international aid agencies and public sector for mutually agreed common goals based projects for the betterment of the society. We provide consulting services to individuals, companies and government agencies through business or social alliance for transportation, infrastructure, urban development – smart city solutions, green energy, water and sanitation solutions, building accountability and transparency through technical applications, developing shared revenue generating solutions between public and private sector and raising funding from government and private institutions, conducting feasibility studies, and provide ongoing training and consultation to effectively develop new markets.

We understand unique local market requirements and needs, and the key roles that stakeholders and influencers play. We deliver the results that satisfy those needs.

Thus we develop alliances between individuals, companies, governments and academia to harness the collective knowledge to design equitable solutions for the betterment of individual and the society for a sustainable future. Enabling individuals and communities to reach their economic and social potential while maintaining equilibrium with our biosphere.

Social Economic Ecological Alliance