Our unwavering pursuit of lifestyle excellence rivaled only by a passion for supremely well-crafted wines. We only sell what we drink. Best values from top artisan producers who succeed bringing the best out of their terroir (the combination of the climate, the soil and the landscape) and grape variety. These producers have been selected with great care, so that they fit our company philosophy and meet the following criteria:

  • These producers are passionate about their wines and exude authenticity and earthiness
  • They create the best artisan wines that are true to their terroirs
  • They have a full control on the process from grapes to the bottle
  • They make great wines year over year

We do not rely on brokers in France. We visit our producers regularly to observe all aspects of their production.

Our mission is to help our customers enjoy finer things of life and to achieve the ultimate experience of a meal by bringing the marriage of food and wine to enhance each others potential. Join our wine club and receive food pairing guidance and news letter. We have a close and personal relationship with our producers. We are the sole authorized importer of their wines. All wines are directly imported from the producers by using reefer (temperature controlled) containers. The wines are handled with great care in temperature controlled conditions throughout the whole journey from the producers’ cellars to our temperature controlled warehouse in Japan. is the essential destination on the internet for anyone inspired by exceptional wine and enriched by knowledge about the industry and its influencers. Quality of our wines is consistent, and they all deliver great value at all price points. Look forward to meeting you at one of our wine tasting events or classes.



  • 自らのワインに対し情熱的で、信頼性、純朴性をもつ。
  • 気候、土壌、地形に誠実な、最高品質の職人ワインを作り出す。
  • 一粒のブドウからワインになるまで、すべて自己管理をする。
  • 毎年、優秀なワインを作る。




Social Economic Ecological Alliance